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               Enjoy birds? Enjoy feeding birds? Enjoying watching birds? Enjoy           backyard birds and wildlife? Then, this is the place for you! From seed      to binoculars, feeders to gifts, The Wild Bird Center of Yarmouth is “Your Ultimate Backyard Nature Store.”

We carry a full line of premium birdseed to suit all of your bird feeding needs. A full line of bird feeders in all shapes and sizes can be found, along with a wide range of birdhouses and nesting supplies. An extensive selection of squirrel-proof and squirrel-friendly feeders is offered as well. From cardinals to hummingbirds, we have what they want! Looking for the perfect gift? Find it here! A broad range of gifts is offered for every occasion.

A large selection of books can be found at the Wild Bird Center of Yarmouth. A full range of top-quality binoculars and spotting scopes are in stock for you to experiment with. You simply cannot buy a pair of binoculars without looking through them first. Do it here, with a number of bird subjects conveniently located just outside our window!

Locally owned and operated by Jeannette and Derek Lovitch, The Wild Bird Center of Yarmouth is part of a nationwide franchise, the Wild Bird Centers of America, Inc. Jeannette and Derek have developed careers working with birds as biologists and naturalists. Now, they bring their knowledge and passion for birds to Yarmouth to share with everyone. The Wild Bird Center of Yarmouth strives to be more than a place to buy seed, but a place to make friends, exchange information, and enjoy birds and nature together.

Outside our Window

The Wild Bird Center of Yarmouth strives to be more than just a location to buy birdseed, but also a destination for all bird lovers. Grab a free cup of coffee, take a seat in front of our window, and watch some birds! A fully stocked feeding station is situated just outside our window, nestled in a diverse native plant garden, planned with birds and ecology in mind. Our Butterfly and Hummingbird garden features a selection of flowers that attract these beautiful creatures. Come see what’s blooming, and what’s feeding on those blooms! Birders will want to drop by to see what’s at the feeders, and what sightings information has just come in.


There is no doubt that pigeons can be a pest and create quire a mess. These charming birds will land on your roof or around your house, and can poop on your house or vehicle leaving their droppings everywhere. However, the problem is how will you stop them from damaging your property? As you read on you will discover how to drive these pigeons away from your property without killing them. 

Their droppings might damage your vegetation, benches, vehicles, roof and they may bring bad odor.  Their droppings are mixed with the feathers and they nest might block the vents on a structure. More so, big amount of droppings can bring fungal diseases to people. If you do not want to deal with these problems like mites and parasites carried by pigeons, it is about time to come up with a permanent solution to them from coming back.

One of the simplest way to not pigeons ruin your patio or balcony is to put a wind chime or foil pan. Balloons will do or some glowing rubber snakes. Poke a hole in the aluminum foil pan and then fasten that on your balcony using a string. You can also use the Mylar balloon table. Many garden shops have the owls and snake to serve this purpose. This site also offers more information on the most effective bird removal techniques to help you removal any bird.

You can also use the anti-roosting spikes. These can be bought in most of the garden centers or hardware shops. They can be attached anywhere and they can help in discouraging the pigeons from making a nesting place in an environment that is not meant for them. If you are in the city, you must have seen these spikes on the buildings.  They are not as costly and installation may also take some time, but they can also be the best way to ward off pigeons. There is no definite way to ward off pigeons, but harming or killing them is highly discouraged.  You can try the suggestions and make sure that you clean the pigeon droppings, since they contain bacteria and fungi that may affect your health. Make sure you wear a mask and gloves while doing this. Use an antibacterial cleanser to clean the entire area.

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