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Available Exclusively

Official Checklist of Maine Birds

This handy 3-fold field card lists all 423 species positively documented within the State of Maine as of April 1, 2006 as compiled by the Maine Birds Records Committee.  Breeding species are denoted, as are "review list" birds and alien species. Listing everything from the common to the accidental, this is THE complete list of Maine birds.

Maine Checklist

Regional Checklist Series

Published exclusively by the Freeport Wild Bird Supply, this series of checklists will focus on specific locations and regions. Each checklist will not only include a complete list of all of the bird sightings from that location, but also contains seasonal status, breeding information, and more.

Monhegan Checklist
By Peter Vickery

The first in the Freeport Wild Bird Supply's Regional Checklist series covers all species recorded from this isolated outpost and migratory trap. From Maine’s first state record of Calliope Hummingbird to the introduced Ring-necked Pheasants, all of Monhegan’s Birds are included. The status of each species is quantified for each season, even the seldom-birded winter and summer months. Four-fold checklist. This is a must-have for any visitor to this magical place!

Regional Checklists
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